The radio has been a fantastic channel for BeSpecular to get its voice heard around the world; you never know who might be listening to one of our interviews! Many of us in the visually impaired community enjoy listening to the radio and it's always great to find radio stations which cover topics particularly relevant to us. Since many of these radio stations are online, it enables just about anyone to listen irrespective of the country they're based in. Here is BeSpecular's journey over the airwaves and across 4 continents.

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It sounds like a very interesting innovation - Peter Greco, Radio RPH

Continent 1: Australia
Our very first interview of 2015 was with Vision Australia Radio: Adelaide - 1197am (5RPH). We spoke to Peter Greco during his show: Talking Tech, a wonderful program full of new technical ideas and technology. This was a great way for us to kick-off the year and there were many more radio interviews to follow.

Listen to the radio interview

Continent 2: Africa
In September we were interviewed by Timothy Maurice on his Unbranded show on CliffCentral that's based in South Africa. The theme of the hour-long interview was: “A Brand that is Enabling the Disabled.” BeSpecular's purpose of the interview was to educate sighted listeners about the visually impaired community and how their eyes can be of assistance.

Listen to the radio interview

Stephanie is being interviewed Image: Co-founder, Stephanie Cowper, talking live on radio in the CliffCenral studio (Johannesburg)

Continent 3: Europe
We then jumped airwaves to Europe. My co-founder, Giacomo, did an interview with Radio Lattemiele, an Italian radio station. During the interview Giacomo explained BeSpecular's vision, purpose and the role it will play around the world.

Continent 4: North America
We wrapped up 2015 with an interview with Randy Rusnak from Main Menu at the American Council of the Blind (ACB). Main Menu is a weekly program run on ACB Radio Main Stream all about technology from a blindness perspective. It features reviews and interviews about all types of technology.

Listen to the radio interview

It was such a pleasure to talk to the world in 2015! We still can't believe word has spread about BeSpecular across these 4 continents. We'll be continuing our efforts throughout 2016. If you'd like to view our Press Pack or would like to speak directly to the BeSpecular co-founders, please email us: