• Community

  • What does VIP & Sightling mean?

    At BeSpecular we’ve got two equally as awesome groups of people. Our “VIPs” are visually impaired people, and our “Sightlings” are those who are sighted.
    When you download our app be sure to join the VIPs or Sightlings group during registration.

  • Do I need training?

    The BeSpecular community is open to anyone to join & there’s no training involved. What we’ve done to make your life easier is created short tutorials for you to use if you need some guidance. The tutorial as well as the Tips and Tricks are located within the BeSpecular app.

  • What if I’m afraid of commitment as a Sightling?

    We’re a friendly bunch at BeSpecular but we also understand that you’re a busy person. Your participation in the BeSpecular community is 100% up to you.
    The VIP’s questions are sent to multiple sighted volunteers and will expire on your phone if you are busy and unable to reply.
    Don’t worry, our VIPs will always be assisted by the BeSpecular Sightlings.

  • I’m ready to join the BeSpecular community

    We’re happy to have you! To join our BeSpecular community you’ll need to follow these 3 quick steps:

    1. Download the BeSpecular app on the App Store or Play Store
    2. Register as a VIP or Sightling on the app and add a short bio of yourself
    3. Welcome! You’re now able to ask questions as a VIP or ready to receive questions as a Sightling.
  • The app

  • How does the BeSpecular app work?

    The BeSpecular app equips VIPs with a tool that enables them to lead more independent lives. Both our groups will have the BeSpecular app. A VIP is able to take a photo of something that they need more detail about (e.g. what colour is this shirt). The VIP adds a voice message to the photo and sends it to the BeSpecular Sightlings. A Sightling who’s active on their account will receive a push notification (e.g. John wants to see through your eyes). Sightlings can choose to proceed and answer the VIPs question via a text or voice message, or if a Sightling is busy they can let the question expire and rest assured that another Sightling will pick up the VIPs question.

  • What do the points mean?

    We are all about having a fun, friendly and supportive community. This means that there’s a need to reward our users, sighted and visually impaired, for their efforts.
    VIPs will rate the helpfulness of a Sightling’s reply out of 5 stars (Disappointing, Poor, Fair, Very Good, Excellent).
    Sightlings rate the politeness of the VIP’s question on a scale of 1 to 3 (Impolite, Fairly polite, Very polite).

  • In which languages does the app work?

    When you register for an account on the BeSpecular account, be sure to select the language that you’d prefer the app to operate in. To date, the BeSpecular app is operating in English and Italian.

  • What if the app isn’t available in my language/country?

    You’re in luck, we are in the process of globalizing the BeSpecular app!
    Now you can let us know in which language/country you’d like to see the BeSpecular app next. Follow this link to indicate your choice: www.bespecular.com/global
    The more people who select a specific language/country, the faster it’ll be developed.

  • BeSpecular isn’t available in my language but I’d like to help translate it

    We’re always open to help and the more languages we can offer the BeSpecular app in, the more people we can assist. Follow this link to indicate your choice of language: www.bespecular.com/global and select the check box indicating you’d like to help translate the BeSpecular app into your language.